Our goals are as follows:

  • Provide excellent service and always be honest with our clients.
  • To use interior design to make our client’s dreams a reality. Most people have a magazine cut out or wish list of what they envision for their dream home. It is our job to help you materialize those images and goals.
  • To improve our client’s quality of life on a daily basis both aesthetically and functionally. To really listen to our client’s and making sure to create spaces that are a direct reflection of their style and living requirements. Through proper design we can truly improve our client’s quality of life. Many times people find themselves thinking “gosh I wish I had more counter space” or “I wish I could figure out a great way to maximize this room.” It is important to design spaces that look great, but also improve its occupants lives on a daily basis.
  • To create spaces suitable for life – real spaces for real people. We are known for designing environments that are incredibly warm, inviting and commonly called “homey”. Homes are made to be lived in not to be sterile museums. It is important to find that balance of designing a space that is interesting and unique yet still comfortable.
  • To have our client’s best interests in mind first. Unlike most other designers, we do not mark up items that we select. This way our clients know we are selecting items that are best for their project. When a mark-up is involved clients may wonder if a designer is selecting certain items to receive a higher commission. We want what is best for our client’s not our pocketbooks.
  • All people deserve to live in their dream space. We work with clients with all different budget levels.
  • Not every piece has to cost a fortune. We are very pro mixing high end unique items with more affordable retail pieces. As long as the piece is appropriate and looks great, it doesn’t matter what the price tag says.
  • Accommodate various client needs as required. We are here to make the design process enjoyable and easy on our clients. We can be as involved as desired. From basic consulting through to working out every detail so you don’t have to.
  • Do the best job possible. Our client’s happiness is essential to our success. Our greatest reward is having our client’s use us again or refer us to others.