We enjoy working on projects of all sizes. Whether you need someone to give you a couple hours of advice, or manage full construction, we want to work with you. To accommodate different client needs we offer 3 service options.

Full service design

The full service design plan is for clients looking for someone to take the ball and run with it from beginning to end. If you need someone to handle every step of the design process this is the way to go. We all have busy lives and many people do not want to be consumed by the countless details and decisions of design projects. We will be involved from the initial consultation through to the last detail. During the initial consultation, we will establish the scope, function requirements, design direction, and budget. Next we will develop a design concept which may include plans, furniture/fabric/finish recommendations, and color schemes. We present to you the design concept and fine tune it together. Once we receive your approval, we begin to execute the design. Throughout the design process, we are involved handling all the coordination, order placement, details, and deliveries. When necessary, we meet with contractors and provide construction drawings. We keep our clients informed through the process and they can be at ease knowing someone reliable and honest is handling everything.

Design fees are determined by the scope of the project and charged Fersht Studio’s hourly rate. Fersht Studio may do purchasing of goods or clients may purchase directly. Unlike other designers, Fersht Studio does not mark up goods. We extend all of our discounts to our clients.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual design is for those clients who need assistance coming up with a design concept, but prefer to execute it themselves. We begin the process by determining your design style, function requirements, and budget. From there we create furniture plans and an itemized budget. We help you define your design direction and style, recommend furniture and finishes, establish a shopping list, recommend where to shop, refer resources, etc.  This way you are equipped with a fully comprehensive design plan. You may then complete the design independently as your schedule and finances permit. Design fees for this service are determined by the scope. Services are charged at Fersht Studio’s hourly rate.

During the execution some clients like to consult us on an hourly basis as they deem necessary. For instance, a client may shop furniture and fabrics. Prior to placing the final order, they bring us everything for approval confirmation. We are available to assist you at any time during the process. These services would fall under the hourly consultation category.

Hourly Consultations

Working on an hourly basis is great when you only need design advice for small scale issues. Some examples are furniture layouts (using existing or new furniture), paint selection, and accessories. We can meet on an as needed basis and address all your questions. If you are looking for someone to give you ideas or work out small odds and ends this is the way to go. We charge Fersht Studio’s hourly rate for this service.

Give us a call to learn more about how the design process works. We look forward to learning about your design needs. Call today for your initial consultation to see what Fersht Studio can do for you.